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High Speed PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine
The innovative design and professional quality ensure continuous 24 hours stable work under speed of 5000~6000 BPH. Low noise creates comfortable working.
High Speed Two-stage PET Blow Moulding Machine
Main advantage is high speed, stable running, low noise, quick mold changeover and simple maintenance. PET Bottle Blower is widely used for small size PET bottles for edible oil, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, carbonated soft drink, milk, cosmetics, etc
Fully Servo High Speed Blow Moulding Machine
The PTO system (Pulse/Train/Output Servo Positioning Module) works on high speed positioning, with higher speed, higher noise immunity and precise positioning. Reaction time is reduced to 50%. Servo motor precisely control, flexible adjustment improves bo
High Speed PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine
TURBO-6S High speed PET bottle Blow Molding Machine, 6 cavities, 9000~10000 BPH, is one of our best seller of full auto blow molding machine.
High Speed Fully Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine
TURBO-6L High Speed fully Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine, is all servo motors driven. Cycle time is reduced from 4 sec to 2 sec, speeds production twice up.
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